NCAA Basketball Expert Picks: 35 Second Shot Block in Question.

Written and authored by NCAA Basketball Expert Analyst Charlie McDougall. produces it for Basketball new. The College Basketball game is slowing down. In watching recent ESPN telecast. Many former players report the game is being over-coached.
The shot clock began for Men College Basketball in the 1994-94 season and instead of scoring increasing it’s slowing the game down. The Atlantic Coast Conference is going to experiment with using a 30-second shot clock in exhibition games for Men College Basketball in the 2015-16 season. The game is heading in this direction because it makes games more interesting. Watching Connecticut win the NCAA March Madness Tournament in 2011 and again in 2014 were painful to watch. This Sports Handicapper remembers the high scoring UNLV and Duke shootouts in the early 1990’s when College Basketball was at its high point.

Take, for instance, a team like Virginia, who is on top in the ACC. Head Coach Tony Bennett play’s a slow down style and fans at John Paul Jones Arena celebrate home wins without hesitation. One problem is coaches realize most of the young players coming into the NCAA Basketball landscape have limited shooting skills. College Basketball coaches realize that there is an AAU situation that is out of control. High School stars are being told by to work on athletic ability instead of fundamentals and it’s breeding a culture of delusional thinking. Future young stars are more concerned about their vertical jump than basic Basketball skills. The NBA has a 24-second shot clock, and NCAA Women’s has a thirty-second one. It is now time for NCAA Basketball Expert Picks to take a serious look at what is going on and how it is affecting Television ratings. One good thing that would happen is it would increase possessions and force players to play with more instinct. Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino deserves credit for pushing the pace in the NCAA Tournament. The Cardinals play painfully slow during the regular season, but when the bright lights of March begin, the Cards are off and running.

It would be awesome to watch individual players become more relevant instead of coaches over doing it. There are many ways’s to improve the College Basketball landscape. More offense is a must. Going Forward, it’s going to be up to the people in Indianapolis to make it happen. The game is changing, but human nature is the same, people want to see the ball go through the basket at a feverish rate. Former Butler and current Boston Celtics head man Brad Stevens over did it in the Bulldogs back to back final four appearances. The 2010 team had the horses to run with Duke but chose to play conservative. The Bulldogs were the darlings of the Tournament and didn’t take advantage of it. The same thing happened in the 2011 season when they lost 53-41 to Connecticut. Butler had three NBA style player., Stevens wanted to do it his way and by that time people got burned out on the Bulldogs style. No one ever wants to witness that style of Basketball in the NCAA Finals again.

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