2015 MLB Betting Picks News: Angels Slugger status up in the air.

Written and authored by Major League Baseball Expert Analyst Charlie McDougall. Charliessports.com produces it for Baseball news and notes. The recent drug relapse of Los Angeles Angels slugger Josh Hamilton is causing concern for the 33 yeard old. Hamilton’s recent troubles are nothing new; it’s common for a drug addict to go to familiar territory. Major League Baseball now has to make a decision on what disciplinary action is going to be taken or if any at all. The 6’4″ 230 sluggers from Raliegh, North Carolina, is punishing himself, most substance abusers beat themselves up bad enough.

This Sports Handicapper believes the Los Angeles Angels organization must look into long term treatment. Maybe even a twelve-step program for their star, but Hamilton must want to get and stay sober one day at a time. The allure of money maybe the “KISS OF DEATH” in this situation. No amount of human power can relieve his problem. Like it or not Josh Hamilton suffers from grave emotional and mental disorders and has no control. It doesn’t matter about his financial stat this man needs help. The former Texas Ranger outfielder has to take a good look in the mirror. It is a known fact that his wife would only let him carry $10.00 in his wallet. That didn’t work; a substance abuser will find a way to deceive the family, friends and even a large corporation. The Los Angeles Angels open up their 2015 MLB Betting Picks season on Monday April 6th at Seattle.

The Los Angeles Angels organization is a money making machine, but they have to use correct judgment if this situation. It has to be principles before personalities. Substance abuse is affecting every area of Hamiltons life. The advantage he had in Texas was manager Ron Washington, who has publicly come out with his battle with substance abuse. Hamilton now live in Southern California where delusional thinking and a sense of entitlement persists among the elite. Character building has to be the number one priority for Hamilton. The Los Angeles Angels should step up and do what’s best for the player and the organization. It’s clear to all now that this baseball players has issues, and it’s going to be a lifetime process. There is no band-aid to put on this wound, professional help is a must. This article is not about judging Josh Hamilton as a person or baseball player. He in not a bad person, he wants to be the best he can be I’m sure. What Hamilton is going through is not even a moral dilemma, he just needs help with something he can’t beat on his own. I am rooting for him to get emotional help, but it also could end in disaster. Bovada.Lv has the Los Angeles Angels at 14/1 to win the 2015 MLB World Series Crown.



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