2015-16 College Football ATS Betting Predictions: UAB Blazers Football Program back in business after reverse decision.

Written and authored by College Football and NFL Expert Analyst Charlie McDougall. Charliessports.com produces it for NCAA Football news and notes. There will be football after all in the largest City in the “HEART OF DIXIE”. Make no mistake the University of Alabama Birmingham are not the Crimson Tide, Auburn or even Troy for that matter. You can even say South Alabama, a program that made it’s first FBS bowl game this season is a bigger deal the UAB program. Lack of funding was the reason school president Ray Watts announced the University would discontinue Football at the Conference-USA school. Things have since taken a turn and on June 1st Watts made a public statement saying the football program would remain on the Birmingham campus in 2016.

The Alabama Birmingham Blazers will take the gridiron again in the 2016 season and fans of the program are pleased with the announcement. The University of Alabama Birmingham began the football program in 1991 as a Division 111 program. The program had the longest tenured coach from 1994-2006 when Watson Brown come to town. The University of Oklahoma offensive coordinator brought expectations to the program by recruiting the talent that Auburn and the University of Alabama did not want. The Blazers entered the 1996 season as a Division 1-A football program and lost their first game playing big time College Football 29-0 to Auburn.
Local talent took notice, and the attraction of playing at Legion Field was even a bigger sale to high school football players in the South. The program got it’s signature win in the year 2000 as a double-digit NCAA Football ATS Picks underdog. The UAB Blazers went into “DEATH VALLEY” and beat the LSU Tigers. In 2004, the Blazers became bowl eligible for the first time with an invitation to the Hawaii Bowl. In 2006, Brown resigned as the Head coach to take another head coaching job.

Current Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher was in place to roam the sidelines when he was under Nick Saban at LSU. The deal fell through, and Fisher went to Tallahassee. Former Auburn Heisman Trophy winner Pat Sullivan was also in place to run the program, but the deal got blocked at the last minute.
Current NFL star Roddy White of the Atlanta Falcons was happy about the decision to restore football at his Alma Mater. Current Head Coach Bill Clarke had the Blazers bowl eligible for the first time in a decade when the decision was handed down. Make no mistake College Football is “KING” in the Southern section of the United States, and UAB will come back with an even stronger Football program. The Blazers went 6-6 in the 2014 season and were competitive in most every contest. UAB looked impressive on offense in an early season 47-34 road loss to Mississippi State. The Blazers went to Arkansas and was humbled 45-17, that was the worst defeat of the season. The University of Alabama-Birmingham football program has potential. This Sports Handicapper is glad the great State of Alabama will have five FBS institutes fielding big time programs.

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