2015 NFL Betting Predictions, and Odds: “GO HAWKS” is the cry in the Great Northwest as two-time NFC Champs ink Wilson.

Written and authored by National Football League Expert Analyst Greg Nelson. Charliessports.com produces it for NFL news and notes.

It has been six months since Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson threw one of the worst passes in his life. The results of the infamous pass interception by New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler was disastrous. Super Bowl XLIX final score New England Patriots 28 Seattle Seahawks 24. The fourth years pro from the University of Wisconsin has all offseason to think about the errant pass. On July 31, 2015, the Seattle organization just signed the Richmond, Virginia native to a 4-year $87.6 million contract extension.

It just goes to show what a positive mindset can do for anyone in any situation. Most people would have experienced self-doubt with nearly half of the people in the World watching the game. The attitude comes as no surprise to those who know how mentally tough Russell is, especially when overcoming adversity. Wilson didn’t make a big deal about getting paid, he showed up to camp prepared to go to work. That is what confident professionals do. The Seahawks organization is full of disgruntled players wanting contract extensions. Safety Kam Chancellor is holding out and starting linebacker Bobby Wagner is anxious about a new deal. Players in Seattle must think about their futures and Seahawks owner Paul Allen seems to be one of the most loyal owners in the game. Allen also owns the Portland Trailblazers of the National Basketball Association. The reason this is mentioned, is there are plenty of opportunities for this group of Seahawks players to flourish off of the field. Let’s face it Chancellor will probably be in the league another four seasons at best. The hard-hitting defensive back out of Virginia Tech is entering his fifth season. How much can the body take?.

Oh yea! back to the Seahawks super bowl loss. Players were visibly shaken about why Marshawn Lynch didn’t get the football at the one-yard line. This Sports Handicapper understands why. Lynch made super bowl week all bout him, declining interviews and keeping quiet around the press. Well, guess what! The reporters have a job to do also. It is part of the festivities, but when you isolate yourself and put you above the greater of the organization is will come back on a person. Does anyone in their right mind believe Seattle head coach Pete Carroll and owner Paul Allen wanted to let Lynch be the hero after his antics, I don’t think so? They will take their chances with a calm, cool and collective Russell Wilson over Lynch any day of the week. I’m not saying Marshawn is a bad guy; he does a lot for various communities. Paul Allen loves to win, but he likes doing it with a little class at least! The play should have gotten the attention of every athlete in the league, change your behavior patterns. I am also not saying you have to be a saint, just act like you belong on the big stage.

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