2015-16 NFL Expert Betting Predictions and Odds: Can Packers overcome season ending injury to star wideout?

Written and authored by National Football League Expert Analyst Bobby Wallace. Charliessports.com produces it for Football news and notes.

The “CHEESEHEADS” in the tundra of the North are in panic mode and the NFL season has not even began. Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson limped of off the grass at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. It first looked like the All-Pro had a sprained ankle or something minor. The play was a simple out route and as soon as Nelson caught the pass he fell to the ground. The former Kansas State Alumni is the favorite target of quarterback Aaron Rogers and is known to make big plays in clutch situations. The NFL is about the next man up. Most teams would give up on a season when a key player goes down. But the Green Bay Packers franchise is made of resiliency.

The 30-year old Manhattan, Kansas native signed a four-year $39 million contract extension in 2014. The three-time All-Pro selection is going to find out if he wants to continue his career. Most NFL stars begin to break down in the thirties, and there are few exceptions. Nelson has had an injury free career but missed a few games with minor ailments. Nothing to this extent and he will have to work hard to regain his elite status. In 2012, he missed four games with a hamstring injury. 2014 was one of his most productive seasons with (1,519) receiving yards. You hate to see something like this happen to such a class act, but knowing Jordy he is already looking forward to the rehabilitation process. Last season Nelson broke former Green Bay wideout Robert Brooks record for yards in a season. The Green Bay coaching staff is not panicking, the team has drafted players at the position who can take his place. This is why the organization is one of the best in the football, and it started with Ted Thompson back in the 1990’s. Jordy Nelson has 400 career receptions for over 6,000 yards and (49) touchdowns.

The Green Bay Packers went for Stanford Wide Receiver in the third round of the 2015 NFL draft. Montgomery is a high character person who can come in and play right away. It may take some time for his to get to the level of Nelson, but this kid is an athlete. Montgomery has sprinters speed and can separate from defensive backs. 2014 fifth round draft choice Jared Abbrederis from the University of Wisconsin fits the mold of Nelson but doesn’t have his speed. The Wisconsin native is a fan favorite but suffered a concussion in the first practice of training camp in 2015. Abbrederis also tore his ACL and missed his rookie season. This kid is in a great situation to become relevant in the Green Bay passing game, he has to get on the field. Davante Adams has been the third receiver to Nelson and Randall Cobb. The 2014 second round draft choice from Fresno State caught 38 passes for 448 yards in his rookie campaign. He is the likely starter opposite Cobb. Devante Adams has the skill set to be a superstar in the NFL. Coaches and teammates will push him more than ever. Both Adams and Abbrederis are going to be forced to step work harder than they ever have. The Packers will still be the favorite to win the NFC North Division.


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