USC Head Coach An Embarrassment At Annual Event: Sarkisian Was Under The Influence

Written and authored by NCAA Football Expert Analyst Charlie Red McDougall. produces it for Football news and notes.  The University Of Southern California held their annual event for boosters on Saturday, August 22nd. “THE SALUTE TO TROY”, but it should have been the Steve Sarkisian joke hour. The USC Football coach was visibly delusional and appeared to be under the influence. Sarkisian said he mixed medications with alcohol that caused him to have slurred speech. Athletic Director Pat Haden confronted the forty-one-year-old after the event and was no pleased with his actions. The former Washington Huskies head coach told the AD; it will never happen again. Haden has to take Sarkisian at his word, but there are underlying issues involved. Nobody likes to admit defeat, let alone the man who runs the show at a high-profile football program.It has been also reported that Sarkisian said he would not drink during the 2015 season. Ask family members and friends of those in a recovering community  they’ve heard those famous words. The latest fiasco came after a Thursday Night ESPN televised home loss to the Washington Huskies on October 8th. Sarkisian showed up  for practice under the influence. The administration fired him on Monday, October 12th, 2015. Let’s hope the man gets proper treatment and becomes a productive member of society.  The incident can be the best thing to ever happen to the former head coach.

I,m not judging Sarkisian, but I do know the makeup of substance abuser/alcoholic behavior. The mindset of a person like Steve has him getting tight at the wrong moments, and he surely did just that. You can blame it on the mixing of high-powered medication and alcohol if you want. As a recovering substance abuser myself, I understand the USC coach. More will be revealed in this situation, it got swept under the rug with minimum consequences this time. What happens the next episode and there will probably be another incident involving Sarkisian. The Head coach also indicated there has been alcohol in the coaches quarters after big victories. That is a violation in itself, I know we all see champaign in the locker rooms when championships are won. But not at the collegiate level. The USC football team had their head coach do push ups for his behavior, are you kidding me! Sarkisian should have made an immediate appointment with someone in the therapeutic community. Alcoholism and Substance Abuse are nothing to be ashamed of, who likes to admit defeat? Surely not the head coach of a major college football team. The incident has me rooting even more for Sarkisian, first as a person, then a football coach

Current San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula addressed the media earlier this summer when star player Aldon Smith was kicked off of the team for another run in with alcohol. Tomsula did Smith a favor by stating he was backing him as a person, forget about football right now. Tomsula and the entire 49ers organization should be praised for the handling of the situation. Someone close to the USC football program also mentioned Sarkisian is going through a divorce. No matter what he’s going through there is a solution to his problem, and it’s not in a bottle or a jar of pills. As for the USC football team, they have all the makings of a national title contender. There will be players on the team, who will now hold him emotionally hostage. The Trojans have the best quarterback in the PAC 12, Cody Kessler, and the Trojans have the talent to compete with Oregon. Let us see where the rest of the season goes for Sarkisian and the USC Trojans. The head coach is on a short leash with the athletic department. GOOD LUCK STEVE SARKISIAN.

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