Dirty Birds falter down the stretch: Belichick and Brady prevail in ureal situation.

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This Sports season has been all about comebacks and it began in the summer of 2016 when the Cleveland Cavaliers overcame a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals to win the NBA title.

Play it forward to the fall of 2016 when the Chicago Cubs went down 2-0 to the Cleveland Indians to bring the “WINDY CITY” their first MLB title since 1908.

Fans witnessed another comeback as Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Owner Robert Kraft bring another title to the New England region of the country.

However the Patriots got incredibly lucky as it was more about Atlanta giving it away more than the Patriots earning the victory.

The Atlanta Falcons opened the second half of the game wit ha scoring drive putting them up 28-3. NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas was as quiet as it has been in quite some time.

The Atlanta Falcons came into the game with the highest-scoring offense in the National Football League.

Former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn was instrumental in Super Bowl Forty-Eight when Seattle blew out Denver.

It all looked good for the Falcons until offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan decided to throw the football with a sixteen point lead with a little more than eight minutes in the game.

Many NFL Experts believe the future San Francisco 49ers head coach did the right thing. However, this sports handicapper will always subscribe to this theory:

If you can’t make one-yard to keep the clock running, you have no business winning.

The decision also told the genius of Belichick, you are playing scared football.

Championship football games are won in the trenches and with Center Alex Mack nursing an injury it made, even more, sense to do a quarterback sneak.

Kyle Shanahan is an excellent offensive mind, one of the best in the game. He learned from his dad, former Denver and Washington head coach Mike Shanahan.

Fans in the “ATL” were all set to celebrate.

As a matter of fact the game wasn’t even close until the decision by Shanahan with eight minutes left. What came next was a nightmare for the young Falcons defense.

New England Linebacker Dont’a Hightower came on a blitz and Falcons running back Devonta Freeman failed to pick him up, Hightower hit Matt Ryan forcing a fumble.

The Patriots recover and New England scored in less than two minutes.

“GAME OVER”. Freeman is not off of the hook, his agent told newspapers during SuperBowl week, his client should be one of the highest paid backs in the league.

As for Brady, Belichick and Kraft they cement their legacy as Hall of Famers as well as the most prolific franchises in all of sports.

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