2018-19 NFL Picks, News, Notes, and Odds: The Carson Wentz era and Rob Gronkowski contemplating retirement.

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The Philadelphia Eagles bring home the Super Bowl title to one of the most passionate fan bases in all of the sports.

The loyalist in the “CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE” are just as dedicated to their NBA, NHL, and MLB franchises but February, 4th, 2018 belongs to their Eagles who took down Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots.

Head Coach Doug Pederson will enjoy the victory for a short time. Afterall we are Americans where yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery.

The 2018 NFL combine will be underway soon, and the Philadelphia Eagles staff will try to find their next dominant football players.

The past two season’s the scouting department struck gold with quarterback Carson Wentz and defensive end Derek Barnett.

On the other hand, the New England Patriots won’t change much, and the decision not to play former Super Bowl star Malcolm Butler still looms on Patriots fans from coast to coast.

In an emotional press conference, New England tight end Rob Gronkowski said he might retire.

I’m sure it was a sensitive time for the best tight end in the NFL, and he let how he felt get the best of him at the moment.


Philadelphia Eagles executive Howie Roseman deserves his share of credit for the Eagles Super Bowl victory over the Patriots.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie also gives Roseman a vote of confidence for bringing back Nick Foles and hiring defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

What will the Eagles do with Foles next season, after all, Wentz should be healthy and ready to take over the signal-calling duties?

However, as much as Wentz is beloved in Philadelphia who knows how much his physical or mental makeup is affected by significant knee surgery.

It’s a sticky but pleasant situation for the organization to have, Foles and Wentz are competitors who believe they can have success at the highest level.

Both Nick Foles and Carson Wentz are also spiritual human beings who seem to put their emotions and feelings to the side for the greater of the team.

Lurie, Roseman, and Peterson have a decision to make as they pursue another Super Bowl Title.

Bovada.Lv has the Philadelphia Eagles at 1,200 to win the 2019 Super Bowl.


The 2018-19 New England Patriots will be the prohibitive favorites to win the AFC Championship again next year.

Tom Brady will be forty-one years old, and he already looks fragile in the pocket. Earlier in the 2017 season one of Belichick’s favorites, Jimmy Garoppolo got dealt with San Francisco.

We all understand Brady’s ego won’t allow him to go out on a sour note. Tight End, Rob Gronkowski who’s a critical part of the Patriots offense is not so sure.

After Back surgery, wearing an elbow brace, and a severe concussion in the AFC title game “GRONK” says he could be done.

Emotions are tough to gage after a loss, and Rob Gronkowski wore him on his sleeve in the post-game press conference.

Who knows at this point what the former University of Arizona standout will do, he has plenty of options outside of football.

We are all rooting for whatever decision he makes heading into the offseason.

Bovada.Lv, list the 2019 New England Patriots at +500 to win Super Bowl 53.

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