2018-19 College Football Picks, News, Notes, and Odds: Is The College Football Signing Day a National Holiday?

Written and authored by NCAA Football Expert Analyst Charlie Red McDougall. Charliessports.com produces it for Football Betting news and notes.

Sports Daily Handicapper Predictions are again winning at a remarkable rate and will continue through the entire NBA, NCAA Basketball, March Madness, and MLB landscape.

It’s the usual suspects after day-one. Alabama head coach Nick Saban and his staff have always been players on the national scene.

However how long will it last as he’s now competing with former assistants?

The Wednesday, February 7th signing day is almost like a holiday in some areas of the nation.

A lot of football fans took the Monday after the Super Bowl off of work due to hangovers from parties, or their wallets took a hit.

What we are forgetting is the annual NCAA Football signing day has a fan base like no other in sports.

It just goes to show football is king in America and always will be no matter what doctors say about the long-term effects of concussions.

The Southeastern Conference seems always to flex their muscle when it comes to landing the best of the best of high school players in the country.


The University of Georgia is the big winner today on paper; we will see later if their top recruiting class pan out or will it be a bust.

Watching the news today from our South Florida office we couldn’t help but notice the American Heritage High School Football program near in Plantation, Florida a Fort Lauderdale suburb.

Head Coach Patrick Surtain, a former NFL smiling from ear to ear as he watched his son Patrick Surtain Jr sign with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

The other cornerback Tyson Campbell put on a Georgia Bulldogs hat, and Nesta Silvera will attend the University of Miami.

Staying in the SEC, the Florida Gators could have landed the next Dak Prescott.

New Gators head coach Dan Mullen committed Emory Jones who was supposed to sign with Ohio State.

The Clemson Tigers also went into the Buckeye State and landed prep standout Jackson Carman the top offensive tackle in the class.


However, Urban Meyer shouldn’t be crying as his staff still has the top class.

Penn State head coach James Franklin did another masterful job in the “KEYSTONE STATE” by signing native son Micah Parsons number-four overall and wideout Jahan Dotson who initially set to go to UCLA.

Keep an eye on the Florida State Seminoles and head coach Willie Taggart who will have plenty of four-star recruits who can play with some of the best in the country.

Taggart understands the recruiting base in the Sunshine State better than any coach in the land.

A hot-bed for talented high school prep stars like the fact that Taggart is African American and has the same taste in music.

A lot of five-star recruits in the class of 2018 will not meet expectations; this is just like the NFL draft but another style. We are all looking for certainty with recruiting classes.

However we Football fans love the excitement of knowing our favorite team has a chance to dethrone Nick Saban and the Mighty Alabama Crimson Tide.

Winning, Sports Betting Picks.

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