2018 NBA Expert Predictions, News, Notes, and Odds: Cavaliers organization finally standing up to LeBron.

Written and authored National Basketball Association Expert Analyst Bobby Wallace. Charliessports.com produces it for Basketball Betting purposes.

NBA Point Spread Picks are the best in the business and again will win again at an unbelievable rate through the NBA Finals in June of 2018.

The Cleveland Cavaliers organization won the 2016 NBA Finals, beating the Golden State Warriors in a best of seven games series.

The Championship but LeBron James who is an Akron, Ohio native on the “MOUNT RUSHMORE” of great athletes from the Buckeye State.

Owner Dan Gilbert also took a lot of credit by humbling himself and bringing the “KING” back to the “LAND.” Gilbert should have also realized it comes with a price and the owner of Quicken Loans let James begin to make personnel decisions.

LeBron James is an outspoken athlete who wears his political views on his chest. Not always a good thing for a star athlete to do, even in the current toxic political climate.

Former first overall draft pick Kyrie Irving got tired of James continually pressuring management to upgrade an already impressive roster.


Kyrie Irving no longer wanted to listen to LeBron James quotes about the team not having enough talent and demanded a trade.

The Cleveland Cavaliers organizations seem to be following Irving’s lead as they held a fire sale bringing in more youth and getting rid of overpaid veterans.

Cleveland traded guard Isaiah Thomas, center Channing Frye and their 2018 first-round pick to the Los Angeles Lakers for guard Jordan Clarkson and, forward Larry Nance Jr.

It also doesn’t matter that Dwyane Wade is LeBron James best friend, the Cavaliers ship “D-WADE” back to Miami for a second-round pick.

Also, wearing a Cavalier uniform for the rest of the season will be former Utah sharpshooter Rodney Hood and Kings point guard George Hill.

Derrick Rose is out of Northeast, Ohio and is a member of the Utah Jazz, how will the spoiled former top overall pick like living in the Salt Lake City?


The trade sends a positive message to basketball fans everywhere, and owner Dan Gilbert will no longer let LeBron James hold the organization hostage.

The move shows Cleveland Cavaliers fans that they want to compete this season and beyond with or without LeBron James.

Although James is the best player in the World, by a slim margin, they don’t care if he comes back in the 2018-19 season or not.

This Sports handicapper believes Cleveland will now contend for the 2017 NBA title and James can concentrate on playing basketball instead of multitasking within the organization.

The move is so bold by management that James will change his mind about exercising his option as a free agent at the end of the season and stay in Cleveland.

Great move by the Cavaliers management and the people of Cleveland will see immediate dividends on the court.

George Hill is just as good as Isaiah Thomas and doesn’t need to be pampered. Larry Nance Jr is a budding star, and Jordan Clarkson is an excellent complimentary player.

Rodney Hood has JR Smith type ability from beyond the arc.

Winning, NBA Picks, and Notes.

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