Would you rather have Kirk Cousins or Jack Reacher under center?

So, because free is good and so is the view, we’re sitting in the seventh floor Creation Station at the Main Library. Our workspace could be a booth at a posh restaurant: high-backed soft chairs, a large table between us with room for two laptops, two cellies, our beverages of choice and whatever else we need. There’s floor-to-ceiling windows with a northern view from downtown. It’s not a big downtown but luxury apartments are springing up like zombies in Fallout when you’re down to your last few hit points.  Like I said, it’s a good view.

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The one difference between the Creation Station and a Longhorns, other than having to bring your own food and drink, is that the soft, comfy chairs come with outlets and USB ports. You can work after you tire of looking at all the people and traffic scurrying around seven stories below, or of waiting for another helicopter to land on the helipad atop the library’s parking garage. Most of the choppers are picking up or dropping off cash for the various banks with branches nearby. I’m just thinking there’s a Lee Child novel waiting to be written here when Charlie Red speaks up.

“What do you think about Minnesota?”


“The Vikings. Do you think they’ll be any good?”

I shrug, playing for time to transition from Jack Reacher to Kirk Cousins. Safe to say, it requires taking a few steps down.

“They got Kirk Cousins now, you know.”


“He’s no Teddy Bridgewater.”

“No. Odd how he’s replacing a second talented quarterback with a f***-ed up knee, though. Who’d have thought that was a thing?”

Charlie laughs. “Yeah, but I just don’t think he can do it. He doesn’t have the talent.”

Teddy Bridgewater opted to go to the New York Jets after the Minnesota Vikings signed Kirk Cousins.

“Well, there’s two things. One, everybody else jumped ship. Well, not Bridgewater. He left after Cousins arrived. Probably thought he had a better chance of taking Josh McCown’s job with the Jets.  Sam Bradford signed with Arizona as soon as he could. Case Keenum was on his way to Denver at the same time. Second, Cousins is that reliable guy everyone except the Redskins likes. The safe bet. He’ll underthrow the deep ball every time, but he’ll make the right read and accurate throws underneath. Get rid of the ball when nothing’s on, too.”

“That’s what I’m talking about. Although the Vikings could go all the way if that kid Dalvin Cook can stay out of trouble.”

“You think he’s the next Ezekiel Elliott?”

“What I’m sayin’. They just can’t expect Cousins to do it on his own.”

“Well, an elite running back can cover up for a secondhand quarterback. So can a great defense. Mike Zimmer’s got that in Minnesota.”

“He does.”

“Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl with Baltimore.”

“He sure enough did.”

“Trent effin’ Dilfer.”

“I’m sayin’.”


“So, whaddya think? Will Minnesota go all the way?”

“Man, I don’t know. I’m trying to write the great American novel.”

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Martin Palazzotto is a freelance writer and author of strange bOUnce, a collection of sport fiction.

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